September Update

Ello Peeps,

Time has drawn close, the last stretch has just flown by.  I’ve been working on my new business and really focusing on that.  But the time is NOW that I realign myself with wedding time.  I really only have a few small things to complete, like the awesome handmade programs (handed out before the ceremony) and then final measuring for my dress. Thankfully, my crafty Martha Stewart-esque amiga, Brizzle, is making a few little sumtin-sumtins, a few less things for me to worry about.  I got Alex’s ring, it’s manly-gorgeous!  I still have to order eco-friendly silk rose petals for the ceremony and crack the whip on one of our irresponsible, flake-EEEEE vendors.

I’m sooooo excited, words cannot articulate my happiness, love, and joy!  Being with the most wonderful man, seeing all my friends mingle together seamlessly, my parents house finally fell into escrow (which means they’re “officially” moving to Las Vegas very soon), and just being blessed daily with all the beautiful people I have in my life.  That is truly one of the most important things that makes life worth living.  Life is awesome!  Love is beautiful.  I’m in a constant state of gratefulness and acknowledgement of my blessings.

Thank you to you all.  Namaste.


Best Flash Back From the 80’s Bachelorette PARTAY eva!!!

Whew! So countdown commence lightspeed, 38 days remaining until I marry my best friend and life partner. We’re flippin’ stoked!! 🙂

So I just had my Bachelorette Party, which was absolutely fantastic, a night to remember forEVA!!  My bridal sidekick, Brizzle, really worked her tush off for this fabu Flash Back From The 80’s Montage-ish Partay!  Lunch & Mimosas, Huge SUV Limo ride to dinner, they rented a bad ass house that we stayed the night in, embarrassing questionnaire games, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Bridesmaid Movie, lots of food, just a time that is forever imprinted on my heart.  Just seeing my friends interact and love each other and be happy and having fun was the best feeling ever.  NO drama-bishes here!  Just really good people, with one thing in common, MUAH! 😉

We certainly, however, missed Jess & Amanda, but their spirit flitted around and we laughed and dressed up in our 80’s garb.

Please enjoy the pics ❤



Jen & Alex’s Wedding DVD Invitation

So rather than doing traditional paper invitations, we opted for the classy, creative, offbeat way, to preserve a tree and be trendsetting all at the same time. Please enjoy our Wedding Invitation.


IMG_20130911_021402 (1)

Why yes, I am the the President of his Fan Club!





100% recycled material, green, & Earth conscious, handmade with love DVD case


This is the insert, inside the DVD case

Recent July updates….

So I haven’t posted in a while, we’ve really just been waiting for time to elapse (and not to mention, I’ve been a busy bee – School certifications, started my own business, and going to more school for my Doctoral Degree) whew!!

So we had the tasting at the church with Chef Stephen who made delicious gastronomic concotions.  We’ve selected the Vegan/Vegetarian/Gluten-Free dish, Chicken Delish dish, and Braised Ribs dish.  I think our guests will really like what we’re serving.

We’ve selected our cake, super awesome and unique, I’m jazzed aboot that!!

My dress is being made, so I met with the seamstress and she’s rockin’ it 🙂

My bouquet is purchased and being made as I type, it’s exsquisite!!  I’m not actually having any traditionally live flowers in the wedding.  I’ve tried explaining this to others, but after having read this quote it perfectly articulates what I’ve wanted to express:

“If you love a flower, don’t pick it up.  Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love.  So if you love a flower, let it be.  Love is not about possession.  Love is about apprecitation.”  -Osho

Lastly, our invitations are almost complete, going into the printing stages.  This is probably one of the most exciting things for Alex & myself. It’s so cool, funny, and made me cry at the same time!  I know our guests are going to be blown away!! Whoot whoot! 😀

That’s all for this moment in time….see you soon! xo



Bridal Shower Bliss

How blessed am I to have such AMAZING & LOVING, wonderful people in my life??  The shower was a hit, beautifully decorated to my requested “Zen” theme, fantastic homemade food, great company, I couldn’t have asked for more!!!  A special MEGA-THANKS to my future sister, Elaine, my Debbie-Mom, and future cousin, Angela for putting everything together! And of course, my mom who came in special for the event – I needed my mom-sidekick by my side. Here are a few pictures, more to be posted later 🙂 YAY!! 🙂 🙂 🙂








Bridal Sidekick

Yo yo yo fellow bloggies!! 🙂
My amazing MOH’s & Bridal Sidekicks are good to go!! I’ve got some Super Dooper Jazz-Hands over here about their festive ensembles….My mom showed me a dress that I looooved, however, I could never ask my gals to pay $268 for a bridal dress :/Butter By Nadia Dress

After tedious hours online looking for an affordable, classy and cute alternative, etsy came to my rescue, as usual – Coralie Beatrix –>>
The MOH Dresses:

MOH Dress

MOH Dress

The Bridal Sidekick Dresses:
Patagonia Brown - Bridesmaids

And these awesome lookin’ tights by Destiney Bleu 🙂 BOOM!!
Dazzle Tights

Warmed My Fuzzy Heart

This has to be about the sweetest thing I’ve read to help brides.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did 🙂

50 Wedding Acts Of Kindness



1. Be courteous and kind.

To everyone – and all the time. Family, friends, and wedding vendors are there to help make your day memorable, not work for you. Be kind, courtesy, and appreciative – it goes a long way!

2. Say Please and Thank You often.

3. Expect nothing.

No expectations is a great way to live, let alone plan your wedding. If you expect nothing, you won’t be disappointed – and you’ll often find yourself pleasantly surprised.

4. Select a bridesmaid dress that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

The bridesmaid dress will most likely be worn only once. Plus, dresses can be downright expensive! If you find one you love, offer to pay a portion for each bridesmaid to help defray the cost.

5. Let bridesmaids select their own shoes.

If you’re specific on color, pick something like black which most women already own. Wearing their own shoes means they’ll be happy with how they look, feel, and since they’re probably already worn in they won’t be in pain all night.

6. Ask your honey what is most important to them for the wedding…

… and make it happen.

7. Ask your Mom or other important person to go dress shopping with you.

And make it a girls’ day to remember.

8. Surprise your bridesmaids with manicures a few days before the wedding.

9. Donate your wedding favor budget to charity.

10. Put gowns back the way you found them after trying ‘em on.

It will make the dress attendants day much easier… and it’s the right thing to do!

11. Surprise your honey with date night – and nix the wedding talk for a night.

12. Register only for things you need, love, and will use.

13. When you receive a gift to your home, snap a photo of you with it…

… and send with the thank you card.

14. Spend your wedding budget on things that matter to you both at your wedding.

Make sure both visions of a perfect wedding day are met.

15. Ask friends and family members for favorite song requests and add them to the playlist.

They’ll feel included – and will appreciate the gesture.

16. Honor a loved one who passed away with a bouquet charm or special memento.

For example, one bride attached these charms to her shoes so her deceased father could walk her down the aisle…

17. Ask your Mom or Dad about their wedding day and tie in a memorable detail.

I borrowed my Mom’s bridal purse, which was given as a wedding gift by my Grandmother.

18. Arrange transportation for the bridal party (if your budget allows).

If the ceremony and reception are in separate locations, arrange for a limo or shuttle to transport your bridal party.

19. Tip well.

And often.

20. Arrange for a wedding shuttle…

… for out of town guests at their hotel, budget-allowing of course. I attended a wedding where the bride arranged for a shuttle at our hotel which was awesome because we were unfamiliar with the area.

21. Make welcome bags for out of town guests.

Include fresh fruit, water, snacks, a thank you card, and a map, along with notable places to visit nearby.

22. Save your Dad a dance.

23. Ask a family member to contribute his or her talent.

For instance, ask a cousin to contribute her talent for floral design, your aunt to give her famous apple pie recipe for your dessert table, or ask a musician to contribute music for the ceremony.

24. Can’t agree? Compromise.

If you and your honey can’t agree on something, compromise. Better yet – flip a coin. It’s not worth a second arguing.

25. Listen.

If your mind is made up on something, be quiet and listen anyway: it may be worth considering.

26. Provide fun games for guests who don’t like to dance.

27. Laugh.

Often. You’ll feel better and stress out less.

28. Reserve a space for honored family members to sit at the ceremony (and reception).

29. Dance.

You know what makes guests get on their feet and dance? When they see the bride and groom dancing!

30. Provide flip flops for sore feet.

Ah, a lifesaver for high-heeled guests!

31. Provide a basket in the bathroom with essentials for guests.

This is a great idea and guests will be so thrilled you went the extra step! Read more on the must-haves here (+ snag a FREE printable!).

32. Make gift bags for kids at the reception to keep them entertained.

Kids get bored at weddings, at least until the dancing begins. Keep them happy with coloring books, crayons, word games, puzzles, and more.

33. Let guests request songs at the reception.

34. If giving favors, make them memorable.

Don’t say thanks with a throw-away gift! Give guests things they’ll actually use and enjoy, like bags of candy, coffee favors (try Apropos Roasters), homemade candles, beer soap (give Dirty Deeds Soaps a look), printed photos from your photo booth, etc.

35. Give the bridal party gifts they’ll actually use (+ enjoy).

Again, the gifts you give ought to be memorable. Try this list of 50 Must-Have Bridesmaid Gifts for your girls.

36. Let him plan the bachelor party with his best man.

It’s his party – mind your business!

37. Enjoy the events leading up to the big day.

This time goes by in an instant, so step back and enjoy the events as they unfold. You’ll thank yourself later.

38. If getting married in cold or rainy weather…

… provide blankets or inexpensive umbrellas for guests. I was at Ikea a few weeks ago and spotted these umbrellas which are only $2.99 each (if you’re an IKEA family member, which is free) and are available in a multitude of colors. For blankets, buy in bulk to save some money. You can also bring your own blankets for guests to borrow and ask family members to contribute theirs. Just be sure to have a basket for guests to put the blankets back at the end of the night.

39. Give yourself a wedding planning break when you need it.

This is one way to be kind to yourself. Wedding planning can be stressful, and you owe it yourself to take a day off every so often. Rent a movie. Go for a bike ride. Exercise. Go on a date with your hubby to be. Play video games.

40. Give your bridal party an advance itinerary.

Include important dates, events, and locations so they can plan ahead (with work or school schedules).

41. Arrange for ushers at your ceremony…

… especially important if you have elderly guests in attendance.

42. Include a thank you card at each guest’s seat.

43. Be generous.

44. Donate your dress to a bride in need.

Places like The Bride’s Project help you donate a dress to someone who can’t afford one. It’s a great way to pay it forward.

45. Learn how to shrug it off.

My Dad told me while planning my wedding that if something happened – i.e. the cake never came, the flowers undelivered – that he’d find a way to make it work. (What a guy! – P.S. We didn’t need to improvise, but it was nice to have a backup plan just in case.) Grocery stores offer sheet cake, flowers, or anything else you may need in a pinch. So, if something happens, shrug it off and improvise. It happens! You’ll laugh about it later. Remember: if you’re married at the end of the day, your wedding day was a success. 🙂

46. Send thank you cards (for all wedding events) as soon as possible.

47. Spend a little time with all of your wedding guests.

48. Donate any uneaten leftovers to a shelter.

49. Donate your wedding flowers to hospitals.

Bring them over the day after the wedding or arrange for family members to assist. Your pretty flowers will be enjoyed and brighten up rooms of so many people. Places like Random Acts of Flowers makes the donating process even easier.

50. Never, EVER be a Bridezilla.

It doesn’t look good on anyone.

* * *

Happy Planning!